Lifelong Downriver resident Geralyn Gorzynski has spent her entire career at Mans Lumber & Millwork. Born in Wyandotte, she moved to Trenton at age seven and then Woodhaven at 26 beforesettling down at a house in Riverview 24 years ago. Her work at Mans began as a co-op program in high school. “It was supposed to be a summer job, but it’s been almost a 45-year job now,” Gorzynski says.

Now the Financial and Human Resources Administrator, Gorzynski began by answering the phone. “I basically grew up with the company,” she explains. “A lot of what I learned was from experience.” While she took accounting classes in college to assist her position, much of her education developed as the company expanded and adopted new technology.

Gorzynski looks back at special memories at Mans Lumber. The company even threw her a surprise party at then-owner Richard Mans’s house for her 30th birthday. Gorzynski describes Richard Mans as a mentor to her. “Nick, Mike, and Richard [Mans] all made a big impression on me,” she says. “I could go to them with anything. They’re good, honest people, and I always respected them as business owners and as human beings.”

With a full career behind her, Gorzynski anticipates a transition to an equally full retirement. Her plans include travel, friends and family, and owning a home on the water. From golf to aerobics, recreation is also a keen interest. “I love to walk, and I love to eat,” she jokes. “I like to stay active.”

Q: What is your favorite book?

A:  Anything by James Patterson and Danielle Steele

Q:  Where have you recently traveled?

A: I went to Arizona this past winter and have been to Mexico, Florida, the Caribbean, and Hawaii before that. I went to Hawaii when I was 20 years old and took a loan out for $700 to go. That’s unthinkable nowadays!


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