Most of us have been in a limousine for one special occasion or another, such as weddings, proms, concerts, anniversary celebrations, and so forth.

Working smart as well as working hard makes for success

If you’ve rented a limousine Downriver, you’ve probably heard of Messer Limousine Service. The family owned, Wyandotte-based company, started in 1956, is known for providing a professional and personal experience.  In recent years their commitment to providing luxury vehicles with an unprecedented level of service earned them recognition as a “4 The Best” award recipient in the “Best Limousine” category.

The driving force behind Messer Limousine is Jim Musick. He was hired at age 13 as a car washer for the garage in Downtown Wyandotte by the original owner, Thomas Messer. Jim kept his part-time car washing job through high school and eventually climbed the ranks to become a driver. During his time as a driver, Jim has chauffeured for Gladys Knight, KISS, Donovan, Eva Gabor, and even Elvis! After his time as a driver, Jim was invited to the Executive Team, because of his customer-centric mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. Jim and his wife, Mary, now serve as President and Vice President of the company.

With Jim and Mary at the helm, Messer Limousine Service contributes to the business community in Metropolitan Detroit. They’ve been a staple in the community by providing high-quality vehicles and treating every customer as a member of the Messer Limousine family.