Well well, look who’s back, it’s me, Miss Gigi. After my inaugural column, which was such a hit, I’m back with my newest journal entry. Well sheesh, whomever said dog days of summer was right! It’s been a long, hot summer and keeping one’s dance card and social calendar filled is a full time job. Don’t get me wrong, it has its rewards, like getting a special treat from my friend Marie’s place, the Grosse Ile Pet and Garden Center. It’s right next door to one of dad’s favorite places, Lloyd’s. Sure wish their outdoor patio was pooch friendly. But, we know first-hand, because the new owners told us personally, that the new Tasty Freeze on the island will be four-legged welcoming. We always love the pup cups at Custard Corner just across the bridge. Hey Nicole, we also love enjoying your yummy custard and ice cream on a warm summer Sunday evenings at the Concert at the Commons.

The music and entertainment was top notch

Just to name a few of the Island happenings, they started with Islandfest. Oh my! What a great time. The music and entertainment was top notch. The screaming kids at the carnival sounded like they were having a ball. I sampled some amazing cuisine and did a little shopping. I even picked up some catnip for my sister, Stinky Cat (Menka the Sphynx). She’s got no hair and has a lot of wrinkles. But more about her later, this column is called Gigi’s Journal, NOT THE CAT. After Islandfest shopping and the parade on Saturday morning, I retired back to my home for some much needed rest. We closed the windows and doors, and turned on the AC and TV, so as to not to disturb me as the big-bang firework show commenced.

By far my most exciting adventure happened in my own front yard. The dad’s hosted their annual summer soiree with over 400 attendees meandering throughout my property. As I minged in and out of the ankles and knees of our company, I was treated to many delicious and succulent delicacies. There were fire performers, belly dancers, disk jockeys and entertainment of all sorts. Even the fireworks were spectacular. As always, being the fashionista that I am, I wore my finest, new diamond yellow collar. Even Stinky Cat got more attention than usual. I must admit that 4 a.m. is way past my bedtime, but the festivities were endless.

I have attended many, many more summer events than I can even mention, but I am really looking forward to Paint the Town Red, the weekend of September 28-30. Running in conjunction with the homecoming celebration, there is plenty to do for the pups, people, and kids with this fun filled event. Well, off I go to get my monthly pet-icure and shop for a new fall outfit. I’ll talk to you later when the leaves begin to change, the temperature is more to my liking and visions of sugar plums start dancing in my head.

As always, big wet kisses!

Miss Gigi