Wayne County Community College District’s (WCCCD) Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education (MIPSE) is heralded nationally to be one of the finest of its kind in the emergency training field and plays an integral role in making WCCCD a national leader in emergency and homeland security training and response.

WCCCD’s Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education is a leader in security training and responsePeter Smith

The facility was built in response to the tremendous increase in the demand for WCCCD’s Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services and Industrial Safety Training Programs. The Michigan Institute for Public Safety Education provides Fire, Law Enforcement, EMS and industrial personnel from the local, state and national communities with emergency response education and training services in a safe and controlled environment.

MIPSE’s $6-million complex contains a five-story tower, a 12,000-square-foot training center, a 50,000-square-foot diver training area and a man-made lake, as well as burn room, airplane, vehicle and ship fire simulators that allow for rescue training and emergency preparedness.

“Properly trained first responders make the difference between a major catastrophe and a well-planned recovery,” stated Anthony Arminiak, Downriver Campus President, “that’s why MIPSE continues to provide training opportunities to firefighters, law enforcement, homeland security and emergency medical technicians with the latest life-saving techniques in a state of- the-art facility that mirrors real-life emergency situations.”

MIPSE also provides emergency training opportunities that are open to the community. The premier educational facility provides a wealth of training opportunities and, can customize its courses to meet an organization’s workforce training needs. Organizations can choose from a variety of customized emergency training sessions, and MIPSE can tailor the training to fit any budget. This also allows for a multidisciplinary approach that can include academic and non-credit instruction.

MIPSE provides specialized training courses from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Texas A & M Engineering Extension Service, Center for Domestic Preparedness, International Chemical Worker’s Union Council Center for Worker Health and Safety, and Counterterrorism Operations Support. Participants for these training sessions are for healthcare, education, fire departments, police departments, local businesses, government, public health departments, students, and community emergency response teams.

Wayne County Community College District offers programs in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Technology and Fire Technology. Community training that is offered at MIPSE includes; Community Emergency Response Training (CERT), CPR Community Day, and its annual Community Open House, which are open to the public at no cost.