The GAP Realty Group is fairly new to the real estate world, but since its inception broker/owner Alex Pandoff and his agents have certainly made an impression. “We have a very diverse group of agents that have many years of experience in residential and commercial real estate and who speak eight other languages besides English,” says Pandoff. This wealth of experience has enabled GAP Realty to become a power player in the Downriver REALTOR® community. In fact, on the eve of GAP Realty second Anniversary, Alex Pandoff has been installed as the 2018 President of the Down River Association for REALTORS® (DRAR). “I am a little nervous about being president, but at the same time, I’m flattered as well,” he says. “I’m humbled and excited to share my knowledge and experiences with my peers.”

We invest in the neighborhoods that invest in us

Alex Pandoff

Meanwhile, the GAP Realty team is rapidly expanding. “We moved into our building in April of 2017, and in the seven months that we’ve been here we have gone from 22 to 42 agents,” Pandoff explains. “We are excited about our growth.” Doubling the number of agents in only a matter of months reflects GAP Realty’s overall mindset. “We take pride in training and educating our agents,” Pandoff continues. “We have an upbeat office that encourages each other and we build each other up. I like what Richard Branson says: ‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.’ I spoil my agents in many ways.”

A philosophy of caretaking also guides GAP Realty’s activity in the Downriver community. According to Pandoff, “Our agents live in the communities that we serve. They have kids in schools, are active in volunteering, and are members of networking groups. We invest in the neighborhoods that invest in us.” In the past few months alone, GAP Realty has participated in a variety of community events. “We always are doing something in the community. We believe it is important,” Pandoff says. “That’s why in the past seven months we held a handful of open house parties, a Downriver Cruise party, a Little League hockey car wash fundraiser, and sponsored a boat for the Roar on the River Boat races.”

Yet GAP Realty’s success and presence began humbly. “I bought and sold a few houses. When I got married to my wife Lynne in 2004, we bought a home that we are still living in and I realized that I did not have to move every couple of years. Instead, I could make people happy by finding them homes and decided to get into real estate,” says Pandoff. From there, GAP Realty was eventually born. Pandoff continues, “Both my wife and the memory of my brother played an important role in the creation of GAP Realty. Early on, my wife reminded me that if you enjoy what you do for a living then it does not feel like work, and that is exactly how I feel about working in the real estate industry.”

When GAP Realty Group itself was formed, the first obstacle was coming up with a name. “My brother died suddenly in the summer of 2002. His name is George Alexander Pandoff, which is where the name came from. I was sitting in church one Sunday and I had to come up with a name and GAP came to mind (the initials of Alex’s brother) and that night I ran it by my wife and the rest is history,” says Pandoff.

Looking to the future, Pandoff continues to let humility lead him at GAP Realty and in his DRAR presidency. “As we celebrate our second anniversary, all the glory goes to God,” he says. “Without my Christian beliefs I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Regarding his work with DRAR, ­ says, “My agenda for my DRAR presidency is to ‘Remain Teachable 2018.’ Think about it:

in today’s fast-paced social media lifestyle, we have to stay open-minded, especially with the rules and regulations pertaining to being a REALTOR®. If you ever stop and think that you know everything, then you’re in trouble.”

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