Three sets of interior design students recently paired up with three sets of residents to design apartments homes at Henry Ford Village.

Henry Ford Village is a dynamic community that offers residents a great lifestyle.
Adam Sterling

Three sets of interior design students recently paired up with three sets of residents to design apartments homes at Henry Ford Village.

Henry Ford Village Resident Life Director, Adam Sterling, said “This was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with our local college design programs and with younger people at the forefront of their careers.

“Academic institutions provide us with the most forward thought in interior design. It is a wonderful opportunity for both them and us.”

After thorough interviews, students began working on their designs with residents in mind.

Students decorated the music loving Norm and Sylvia Moore’s apartment with music books, framed musical lyrics and notes to the Temptations “My Girl” and the Beatles “Come Together.”

“I was blown away by how it came out,” said Henry Ford Village resident Sylvia Moore. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Moore said “They really took the time to learn about me as an individual, as well as the community that we have here at Henry Ford Village.”

The students were excited as well.

“Working closely with the residents added an extra level of meaning to the project,” said EMU student Katelyn Nolan. “We took their personalities, interests, and lifestyles and used them to inspire designs that were visually pleasing while adding conveniences and accommodations so the next occupant could have a seamless transition into their new home.”

Sterling said it is opportunities like these that keep Henry Ford Village more contemporary and community oriented than the average retirement home.

“The general population has an old view of retirement living,” said Sterling. “They think of it in a need driven mindset. While in reality, at Henry Ford Village, folks enjoy an enviable lifestyle and the opportunity to expand their horizons. It’s someplace that’s dynamic.

“Students got to know not only what residents prefer in design but what they love in life,” said Sterling. “What I think surprised them was how contemporary and unique the lives of the residents are.”

Bruce Blalock, Executive Director of Henry Ford Village said “this was a great collaboration that brought forward the opportunity for the unique expression of the interests of 3 sets of residents through the talents of three tremendous groups of young people at the forefront of contemporary design thought and practice.

“Collaborations like these are what keep us fresh and excited to be partners with learning institutions, young people and businesses in our community, and we’re looking forward to working with the tremendous folks from Henry Ford College and Eastern Michigan University again on similar projects!” said Blalock.

“The residents were so generous with their time and feedback,” said Nolan, “I’m thankful that Henry Ford Village gave us this amazing opportunity to put everything we’ve learned into a real-world experience. It is an incredible feeling knowing that someone will turn our work into their home.”

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