The first impression a visitor to Applewood notices is the homey atmosphere. “Our vision is to create an environment of compassion for our short- and long-term guests,” says Don Barton, Applewood administrator. “The people who work here love what they do.”

According to Michele Antonelli, director of health services, “Applewood has150 licensed beds. That includes 27 private rooms for guests needing short-term care.” People who have been hospitalized after suffering a fall or other injury cannot always return home immediately. At Applewood, they can be provided with the finest physical, occupational, or speech therapy available in the area. Along with Applewood’s specialized rehabilitation unit, the facility also offers long term care for its guests. Licensed nurses are available day and night for those who require their services.

Guests may additionally benefit through the opportunity of meeting with others who have suffered the same issues. The Center features support groups. “They help people to talk and get ideas with others in the same situation,” Antonelli says.

At Applewood, each room is not only decorated and furnished in a home-like atmosphere, but guests are encouraged to add touches that make their room their own. Each rehab room is equipped with a “smart” flat screen television. “Besides normal programming, guests who have suffered a stroke or fall, for example, can access programs that tell them what they can do to help themselves heal more quickly,” says Cynthia Garrett, Applewood’s director of marketing.

The care center also has a respiratory therapist and a rehab physician on staff and can provide almost every kind of rehabilitation treatment. Sometimes employees might even take a guest grocery shopping. “We realize the most important part of rehabilitation is to get busy living,” Garrett says.

“We know that everyone is different,” Antonelli says. “We take an individual approach to rehab with the goal of helping each guest achieve his or her maximum potential or adjusting to their limitations.” Short-term guests are provided with a program that helps increase their strength, balance, and mobility. The Applewood “Send ’em Home” program features a cottage that resembles the atmosphere of a guest’s real home. Within it, a trained occupational therapist uses the setting to help guests successfully relearn tasks like cooking, and making their own beds.

People who have been Applewood guests couldn’t be more positive about their time there. “A former guest from Flat Rock calls the employees here angels,” says Kellie Bucher, admissions coordinator. “She says they work from their hearts. A woman from Riverview says she tells everyone how great the care here is.”

The family of a former patient says, “I can’t begin to thank all the people who cared for my husband. The care was wonderful and spot on. For the first time in months I was able to relax, knowing he was cared for.”

Guests enjoy comfortable dining rooms where food is prepared by Applewood’s chef, Dan Sutherby, who delights residents with a special event every month. One event, known as “Sipping Time,” featured a Sutherby special drink he calls “Dark and Stormy.” It combines dark rum with apple cider and ginger beer and is served with cheese, crackers, and shrimp cocktail. “Our guests love it,” Sutherby says.

Families of Applewood guests are invited to attend holiday meals each year. A la carte menus are available upon request. Applewood offers private dining rooms where guests can enjoy meals with their visitors and family members.

Attractively landscaped patios also provide peaceful places for quiet times and a chance to spend precious moments. Friends and family members are welcome at any time. Applewood has no specific visiting hours; visitors are welcome at any time.

“Applewood Nursing Center has been an active part of the Downriver community for nearly 40 years,” Don Barton says. “We are committed to giving back to the community and we reach out to the Downriver area in a number of ways.” The Applewood trolley is

a recognized participant in Wyandotte and Trenton holiday parades and in the Wyandotte and Gibraltar Fourth of July parades. The center works with seniors throughout the Downriver community, providing programs with a wide array of topics.

“Our goal is not just to be in the community, but to be an integral part of the community,” Barton says.

Applewood Nursing Center is located in Woodhaven at 18500 Van Horn Rd. Please visit or call 734-676-7575 for further information.

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