The Grosse Ile Community Recreation Department is a place dedicated to the residents of Grosse Ile, with a mission of providing opportunities for fun and fitness to the community.

The full summer camp we’re offering through the recreation department is something new for Grosse Ile residents.
Kim O’Farrell, CPRP

Starting this summer, the department will implement many new programs, amenities, and events for everyone in the community to enjoy.

One of the biggest new additions to the department is the youth summer camp. The camp is open to children ages 6 to 12, and will be an all day retreat for kids and parents alike. Kids will get to enjoy crafts, treasure hunts and recreational sports–there will even be a swim day at Water’s Edge.

“This is something new for the residents of Grosse Ile,” Kim O’Farrell, Recreation Director at the department said. “They’ve never had a full summer camp through the recreation department.”

O’Farrell said it’s nice that parents now have options on the Island when it comes to taking care of their kids during the summer months.

Another new program will be the Junior Garden Club. Children ages 9 to 14 will be working alongside the Grosse Ile Garden Club, planting anything and everything from trees to flowers while learning about horticulture.

“The Garden Club does so many projects for the island with beautification,” O’Farrell says. “They just do all of these beautiful projects on a volunteer basis, and my sincere thank you goes out to them.”

Along with these programs, the recreation department will also continue to offer many of their popular programs like youth soccer, boater safety classes and beginner kayak classes. It’s important to offer classes and programs that will benefit the residents, O’Farrell says, especially the beginner kayak class–since it’s a popular activity to do on the island, and the department wants residents to be safe.

Sports camps are also a high demand activity in the community, and the recreation department offers volleyball and basketball camps, as well as private swim, golf and tennis lessons.

Alongside their sports programs, the department also offers more traditional fitness classes for everyone from beginners to the advanced participant.

Yoga instructor Patti Nevin said, “Anyone can join the class and go at their own speed. It can be as easy as a forward bend.”

Cardio drumming is also a class that’s offered, and it’s becoming one of the more popular fitness programs at the department because of the novelty of it and the fun dynamic of the class.

“Fitness is very important to advance the quality of life,” O’Farrell said. She does admit though that in the future it would be nice to have a fitness center where residents can utilize workout machines and free weights. At the current time, residents can participate in Island Walkers, Cardio Kickfit, water aerobics and much more.

Not every activity, however, is done at the recreation department. A lot of events are done at Centennial Farm or at the Grosse Ile schools. All of the fitness classes take place in the Rec building at Centennial Farm, and the space is also available to rent out for parties or events.

“The collaboration with the schools has been exceptional! We work together on many programs to involve the youth of our community,” O’Farrell said.

The Recreation Department continues to offer a wide variety of programs that will enhance the lives of all Grosse Ile residents. O’Farrell said in the upcoming year her goals are to enhance and improve the the current facilities, offer more programs for seniors and continue to listen to the residents on what they would like to see from the department.

“The recreation team is here to serve you,” O’Farrell said. “Myself and my team are here for the community.”