Top Docs: Sammi Hadad DDS

“Digital x-rays give us an instant image on the computer screen,” says Sammi Hadad DDS of Ultimate Dental in Brownstown, “With the old way, we would have to run the film though a developer, which takes time and uses chemicals that are not good for the environment.”

Digital x-rays offer important advantages over traditional film x-rays. Since they expose the patient to 80% less radiation, they are much safer.

Dr. Hadad adds that the process gives her the ability to send x-rays wherever they may be needed, instantly by e-mail. She continues, “Because they are digital, there is no waste of paper, which is also good for the environment. And we can reference the x-rays from any room in our office.”

Digitization isn’t the only way technology is bringing brighter smiles to dental patients. “We have much better materials to work with now than just a few years ago,” Dr. Hadad says. Today’s dentist can choose from a number of new porcelains that create dental crowns that are much more natural looking.

The technology comes at a time when there is a higher demand for cosmetic dentistry. “People seem to be more conscious of the appearance of their teeth,” Dr. Hadad says. “New and better techniques mean we can take care of our patients more comfortably.”

A lifelong resident of the Downriver area, Dr. Hadad grew up on Grosse Ile and graduated from Grosse Ile High School. “With the exception of the few years I was away at college and dental school, I haven’t left the area,” she says. Dr. Hadad likes the closeness of living Downriver. “It seems like you know everyone,” she says. “You cannot go to the grocery store without seeing a friend or neighbor.” She is active in community charities, including the Light the Night Leukemia Walk, and has contributed to muscular dystrophy events. She is an active supporter of the Girl Scouts and previously served on the board of T.A.I.L.S., which provides for the homeless animals of Grosse Ile.

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