Sibley Gardens: Est. 1935

A small Italian restaurant opened its doors in Trenton, then Sibley Twp., in 1935. Nestled in a farming community of Italian immigrants, the restaurant gained the late Sam Piunti as an owner in 1944 and found a new home across the street when construction on the McLouth Steel plant began.

Today, the res­taurant retains family own­ership with Sam Piunti, Jr. as the second-generation owner and his son, Nick, as a manager. Sam’s wife, Pam, an interior designer, is responsible for the restaurant’s décor, and his daughters, Maria Starkey, and Andrea Pappa, are also involved, as well as grandchildren Jake Faulkner, Alex Starkey, Dominic and Dane Marko and Marisa and Megan Piunti.

The family can credit Piunti’s late mother, Mary, for a number of the menu’s Italian dishes, including the popular Steak Sammy, a tenderloin dish sautéed in wine, garlic, and parsley. A staple for the family, the tenderloin was only introduced to the menu at a customer’s request.


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