Cover Profile: Select Specialty Hospital – Downriver

Select Specialty Hospital, located on the 8th Floor of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, has been serving Wyandotte and surrounding communities for 15 years.

Select Specialty Hospital – Downriver is licensed as a long-term acute care hospital, also known as an LTACH, and is Joint Commission accredited. LTACHs treat patients who have medically complex conditions which require ongoing acute nursing and medical care that extend beyond the usual length of stay in a short-term acute care environment.

When patients and families first hear the term “long-term acute care” – they have many questions and can feel overwhelmed. Select Specialty Hospital – Downriver is here, every step of the way, to help answer their questions and serve as a resource. At our hospital, we care for patients whose needs cannot be met at a less intense level of care such as rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living or home.

Our medically complex patients typically come to us with pulmonary conditions, neurological disorders, cardiac conditions or renal disorders and may be in need of care relating to the treatment of infectious diseases, post-trauma care, surgical complications, orthopedic care or wound care.

When a patient is referred to our hospital, our clinical liaisons will do an on-site patient evaluation to see if the patient would be a candidate for our hospital setting to continue their recovery. During this time, we encourage families to tour our hospital and ask questions about our services. Our clinical liaisons stand at the ready to help families and will work with patients and families to facilitate a transfer to our hospital.

From the moment a patient arrives in our hospital, they will receive compassionate care that is patient-centered. We understand that the road recovery may be a battle and it may be challenging; however, each and every step forward is a milestone that will bring patients and families one step closer to recovery.

SSH – Downriver uses multi-disciplinary teams to manage the care of our patients. Our dynamic team includes physicians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, respiratory, physical, speech and occupational therapists, case managers, dietitians and pharmacists. Operationally, the facility also has case managers, clinical liaisons and admission coordinators.

Once a patient is admitted, our team will meet with the patient and their family and a care plan will be developed. Family involvement is encouraged. Because each patient is unique, the team develops a personalized treatment plan with goals specific to the individual. The plan will typically identify the specific needs of the patient, outline goals and develop treatment plans to achieve those goals. The team will continue to meet on a regular basis to monitor patient progress, or to modify the treatment plan as needed.

Select Specialty Hospital -Downriver is located at 2333 Biddle Avenue, 8th Floor, Wyandotte. Please call 734-246-5500 or visit to learn more.[mks_separator style=”solid” height=”1″][mks_separator style=”blank” height=”5″]

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