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MonaLisa Touch laser helps restore gynecologic health by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization.

It’s okay to talk about it. It’s a message women don’t always hear when it comes to their most intimate physiological concerns, but the staff at Riverside OB/GYN in Trenton are committed to saying it. In the concealment of the Riverside office, Dr. Ahmad Al-Jerdi, D.O., physician’s assistant Tammy Vo-Mota, and a staff of five medical assistants, two billers, two receptionists, a lab technician, and an ultrasound technician work to create a space where women can first express their needs – and then receive help.

Providing help means investing in technology, and the practice’s newest addition, the MonaLisa Touch, is the result of many patients’ struggle with vulvovaginal atrophy, or vaginitis. Symptoms of vaginitis include dryness, irritation, burning, itching, recurrent infections, and painful intercourse, and while the malady is most common among peri- and post-menopausal women, it can affect women of all backgrounds and ages. Riverside OB/GYN has seen women with symptoms of vaginitis in as early as their 20s.

The MonaLisa Touch offers gentle fractional C02 laser therapy to treat moderate to severe vaginitis. “It’s non-hormonal,” office manager Jennifer Yoscovits says about the in-office procedure, adding, “It’s a great option for breast cancer survivors. Since coming off chemotherapy, their bodies have undergone a great deal of stress.” Women come to the office for three treatments spaced six weeks apart. Each treatment takes about five minutes. “There’s no anesthesia, no hormone, no prep,” Yoscovits explains. “Basically we schedule the procedure, the patient comes to the office, Dr. Al-Jerdi will do the procedure, the next treatment is scheduled, and the patient is on her way.”

The procedure, which has been referred to as “life changing,” has no worrisome side effects. “There’s no burning, no scarring, nothing like that,” Yoscovits says. “The probe provides the laser energy, and really all the laser energy is doing is stimulating the capillaries within the vaginal wall.” Since the procedure stimulates elasten and collegen and balances the pH levels, women experiencing frequent urinary tract infections can benefit as well. And though all three treatments are recommended for optimum relief, it doesn’t take long for the procedure to do its work. “Post procedure clinical interviews have indicated that women have experience the onset of relief up to 48 hours after the first treatment,” Yoscovits says.


To learn more about Riverside OB/GYN and the MonaLisa Touch, please call 734-675-7210 or visit riverside-obgyn.com


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