R.P. McMurphy’s – Chef’s Secret

There are many standout dishes and savory appetizers at R.P. McMurphy’s, but it is hard to deny that everyone has a particular favorite. “We have many favorites, but the one that’s most unique to us would probably be the Cheswick Express pita pocket. It is definitely a crowd pleaser,” says Courtnay Rusu, owner of R.P. McMurphy’s.

Yet with so many mouth-watering entrees from which to choose, patrons that have not had the pleasure of trying the Cheswick may think the sandwich is just a great lunch option or quick bar snack. Those that try it for the first time are often pleasantly surprised with all the fresh handpicked ingredients and the chef’s secret sauce that truly make this sandwich. “It is a pita filled with broccoli, cauliflower, mushroom, diced tomato, and, of course, our secret sauce,” says Rusu. “The Cheswick is then topped with provolone and served either hot or cold. I think it is best hot with melted cheese and steamed veggies.” For diners craving a little protein with their pita pocket of veggie heaven, a similar dish is now available. “We recently created a variant of it called the spicy chicken Cheswick that adds Cajun chicken breast and pepperoncinis that is simply awesome,” says Rusu.

Ultimately, the Cheswick Express pita pocket as a whole is a ‘Chef’s Secret’ that has stood the test of time. “The Cheswick was created by my father, John Rusu, in the early 80’s and has been a hit ever since,” says Rusu. “I came up with the spicy chicken version about ten years ago.”


To learn more about R.P. McMurphy’s menu or to make reservations, please visit rpmcmurphys.com or call 734-285-4885.


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