New Home: GAP Realty is home to more than 25 real estate agents

I consider the people here as working with me, not for me  –  Alex Pandoff

The company that has helped many Downriver natives find new addresses has found one of its own. This spring, GAP Realty is moving from Taylor to Fort Street in Southgate.

“It is a more centralized area,” says GAP owner and broker Alex Pandoff, “and very convenient for Downriver people to find.” Pandoff sees the Downriver area flourishing. “The growth is tremendous,” he says. “There are new restaurants, new stores. It is very encouraging.”

GAP’s new freestanding building is home to more than 25 experienced real estate agents. “We have a very diverse group,” Pandoff says. “We have people who speak Spanish, Hungarian, and other languages.” Yet his group has one thing in common. “Most have spent their entire lives in the Downriver area,” Pandoff says. “So they can really help people find exactly the home or business location that best serves their needs.”

“Most of our people are very computer savvy,” says agent Laura Davis. “We use the Internet to find homes for our clients.” If the home they find needs a bit of additional work, Davis has the experience to help remodel the house to make it the ideal home. She and her husband have 27 years of experience remodeling homes. “I love helping people,” she says. “And so do all of the agents here.”

Davis recounts a time when extra effort paid off. “A person called the morning of Christmas Eve,” she says. “They wanted to see a home that day, and none of the agents at other real estate offices would help them. The house was not very expensive. I took them to see the home that day, and it resulted in a sale.”

Pandoff adds, “That is the kind of people we have. They work hard and love the work they do. It is not a job to them – or to me.”

While the majority of business is done in the Downriver area, GAP can serve clients in the entire state of Michigan. “If someone from our area wants to find a home or business location in Oakland County or beyond, we can help them,” says Davis. “I put a lot of miles on my car.”

Davis, like the other agents, enjoys the family atmosphere of the office. That atmosphere starts with Alex Pandoff himself. “I consider the people here as working with me,” Pandoff says, “not working for me.” That attitude extends to the clients of GAP. “We don’t sell homes or business property,” Pandoff says. “We help people buy the right ones, and we guide them through the whole process, from discovering the ideal property through the closing of the sale.”

The company can still be reached at 734-772-5055 or online at


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