Michigan Memorial Park and Michigan Memorial Funeral Home: Anniversary Celebration

Every life is special and Michigan Memorial Park and Michigan Memorial Funeral Home provides numerous choices to honor loved ones

Personalized, unique, and meaningful celebrations of life customized to meet every family’s individual preference set the standard since Michigan Memorial Funeral Home opened its doors in 2001 and Michigan Memorial Park had its first burial 90 years ago. From then on, compassion, sincerity, and thoughtfulness were hallmarks of both locally owned companies.

Dan Dwyer, a fourth generation funeral director, started Michigan Memorial Funeral Home from scratch after purchasing 10 acres of land from the adjacent Michigan Memorial Park, owned by the Heston family and now operating under the fourth generation leadership of Kelly Dwyer and Heidi Umin.

“We’re independent businesses with no co-ownership, but we build upon the natural synergies and conveniences that exist for our customers,” the Dwyers state. “Partly because of our locations, we’re able to offer an incredible array of options for our families and their loved ones.”

Housed in a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building, Michigan Memorial Funeral Home understands that every family and every life is special and provides numerous choices to honor individuals, from a selection of specialized hearses to an on-site Witness Crematory.

“One of our favorite options is our horse-drawn hearse,” says (Dan) Dwyer. “Many families who choose to bury their loved one next door at Michigan Memorial Park elect to travel to the cemetery using an either all-white or all-black team of horses with the restored antique glass coach that dates from the late 1800s. It’s elegant and gracious and can also be used at other cemeteries.

“Another popular option is our customized Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse,” Dwyer continues. “Families often choose to have the motorcycle hearse drive by favorite places before coming to their cemetery of choice. It never fails to add a little flair to the service. Of course, traditional hearses are also available. In fact, we just purchased new hearses this year.”

When it comes to burial choices, a steadily growing trend across the county has been for cremation as opposed to traditional burial. To address that customer preference, Michigan Memorial Funeral Home recently began to offer very exclusive options for families who select cremation.

“We leased space to Michigan Memorial Park to construct a new, state-of-the-art, on-site crematory. As the preference for cremation rises, it makes sense for families to know that their loved ones never leave our care,” Dwyer explains. “Families may witness the cremation itself, as is traditional for some cultures, or choose a private viewing beforehand in our beautifully appointed slumber room. As with all of our services, numerous options are available depending upon personal preference.”

Michigan Memorial Funeral Home also offers on-site “celebration of life” catered gatherings, with or without full bar service, for those who choose a memorial service or a traditional funeral service. Plans are underway for an 11,000 square foot addition to add more space for persons who select this option.

Additionally, Michigan Memorial Funeral Home has been an innovator in offering families amenities such as an on-site floral and gift shop. “It makes it simple and easy for friends and families to arrange for flowers or keepsakes without having to go off-site,” Dwyer states.

Now in its 90th year, Michigan Memorial Park continues to expand and recently added additional mausoleums in the woods, a beautiful live wall in front of the main chapel, private family mausoleums, a traditional burial section in the “upcoming” Garden District, and a “free little library.”

“We pride ourselves upon providing the best, most innovative and sensitive choices available to the families we serve and we thank our respective staff members for their dedication and commitment to excellence,” Dwyer concludes.

Michigan Memorial Funeral Home is located at 30895 W. Huron River Drive in Flat Rock adjacent to Michigan Memorial Park. It may be reached at www.MiMemorial.com or by calling 734-783-2646. Daniel Dwyer serves as owner and general manager.

Michigan Memorial Park is located at 32163 W. Huron River Drive in Flat Rock. It may be reached at www.MiMemorial.com or by calling 734-782-2473.


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