Good Works: Coach Kiwi

Kiana Dennis believes that we need to improve our health and she plans to do her part to help ‘build Detroit fit’

Fitness guru Kiana Dennis has a goal that would seem insurmountable to most people: “To build Detroit fit.” Yet the people who know her best, say, “Do not bet against her.”

Known best as “Coach Kiwi,” Dennis is the hottest up-and-coming fitness trainer in the state of Michigan. She says she takes each of her client’s results personally. Since fitness is a way of life to Coach Kiwi, it pains her to see the shape in which many people find themselves. “It is estimated that, nationally, nearly 150 million people are overweight,” she says. “That is unacceptable.”

What is even more troubling to Coach Kiwi is the fact that the Detroit area finished dead last in a recent health survey of the 150 largest American cities. “The survey ranked each of the cities on food, fitness, and the availability of ‘green space,’ like hiking trails and recreational areas,” she says. “We need to do something to help improve the health of our people, and I plan to do my part to ‘build Detroit fit.’”

Coach Kiwi herself is a living example of how a person can achieve top health and fitness. After graduating from Western Michigan University, she embarked on a program of personal fitness that she maintains today. In September of 2014, she took first place in the Women’s Physique Short Class and earned the Iron Men/Women’s Physique Championship.

“If I am going to insist that my students work hard, I must set an example myself,” Coach Kiwi says.

Returning to the competition in 2015, Coach Kiwi vowed to drive herself even harder. She hired a nationally known coach to help her revamp her diet. In the gym, she pushed herself to the limits of her body. The sacrifice paid off as she placed first in the Women’s Physique Open class at the NPC Western Michigan Championships. In so doing, she qualified for the national competition.

Once again, she doubled down in her training regimen. Following 30 weeks of arduous work, she finished third in her first national level competition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Coach Kiwi brings this level of dedication to her students in both group and one-on-one training. She teaches cardio kickboxing, body shaping and building, weight loss, and proper dieting and nutrition. She personally sponsors events such as Women Who Lift camps, KickAbs, and an early morning session called the HitAbsAndGo breakfast series. She is also a successful life coach, helping people do their best in every walk of life. Focusing that degree of dedication and drive on others, Coach Kiwi is well on the way to “Build Detroit Fit.”

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