Realtor® Profile: Penny Tarwacki – New Dimension Realty

Penny Tarwacki, real estate broker and co-owner of New Dimensions Realty of Brownstown, went from a stay-at-home mom to a real estate agent because she thought real estate “would be fun and easy way to make a little extra money.” It has become a lot more than that.

“I worked hard, a lot harder than I thought I would have to and was succeeding at building a business,” Tarwacki says. She studied hard and received her broker’s license in 1992. “Getting my broker license was the next step in educating myself for my profession,” she adds.

Tarwacki taught pre-license real estate classes and managed a couple of real estate companies before deciding to open her own office.  “I opened my office with my business partner and also my oldest son,” she continues. “New Dimensions Realty was founded and we opened in 2015.”

She has been an actively involved in the local real estate industry and helps promote the rights of home ownership. “It’s very important for our communities to know the realtor is bound by a code of ethics not just a real estate license law,” she adds.

Tarwacki says that the Downriver area is made up of hardworking people, and they should expect a hardworking real estate company. “My company is made up of hardworking, dedicated agents who give their best service at all times,” she adds.  “We all live in the area, know our area, and give full attention to all details of our client’s needs.”

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