On Scene: Riverview IceFest 2017

Armed with a chainsaw, blow torch, and ice picks, Tajana Raukar of Ice Dreams Sculptures in Plymouth, demonstrated her award winning ice carving abilities at the Rivergate Ice Fest on February 11th. Along with the display of her ice sculptures commissioned by local businesses, Raukar transformed a block of ice into two hearing aids in front of a live audience.

Raukar has been carving ice sculptures for about twenty years.

“I started as a chef and carved radishes but they got too small,” she says laughing.

Along with the ice sculptures there was raffles, face painting, food and drinks, including a chili tasting from local high school culinary programs, as well as a photo booth and DJ.

“It was a really great turn out,” said Rivergate Marketing Director Jennifer Crosthwaite.

Rivergate Health Care Center and Rivergate Terrace are committed to being top-notch providers of long-term health care. They also believe that they should be quality corporate citizens; and that residents’ families should be closely involved.


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