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Expert Heating and Cooling’s main concern is their customer and their customer’s comfort

Expert Heating and Cooling has been servicing the metro Detroit area since 1975 and has since expanded significantly in order to provide a wider variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services.

More than 50 employees provide emergency troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, equipment installation, repairs, and more at Expert Heating and Cooling. Of these employees, a number work as comfort consultants who work to make sure customers truly receive expert care.

“Our main concern is the customer and their comfort, not the price of the equipment. Being a salaried consultant helps us with finding the proper equipment for the homeowner and not worrying about the commission,” says Bill Patrick, a comfort consultant with Expert Heating and Cooling.

The team members at Expert Heating and Cooling understand that even though they work with equipment and with heating and cooling systems all day, their customers do not, and they make sure to explain in a way that actually educates the customer.

“Customers may not be aware that their old equipment is not correct for their home or may believe that they need bigger equipment to compensate for what they’re missing,” says Ken Shaw, a comfort consultant at Expert Heating and Cooling.

Patrick adds, “Most customers are undereducated on their heating and cooling equipment. Expert’s primary goal is to educate the consumer.”

Expert Heating and Cooling offers residential and commercial services, hot water systems, equipment replacement, air quality solutions, and much more to customers at affordable and reasonable rates.

Patrick says one of his biggest responsibilities to customers includes achieving total customer comfort, which includes properly sizing equipment, educating the homeowner, pricing, and remaining knowledgeable about rebates and financing. Patrick has 28 years of service experience under his belt, five of which have been with Expert Heating and Cooling.

It’s important for comfort consultants to relate to the homeowner and connect with them, Shaw says. He has been in the service industry since 1987, and he has spent 16 of those years with Expert Heating and Cooling.

Expert is in the name of the company, and Shaw thinks that the company’s knowledge and experience in the industry sets the business apart “as well as our charismatic personalities,” Shaw adds. “We have the ability to connect on a positive level with the homeowner.”

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