Men of Distinction: Mark Angellotti

Achieving success in the heating, cooling and HVAC industry is about more than just selling appliances that keep occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For Taylor-based Expert Heating & Cooling, success is determined by the company’s ability to deliver an experience that goes beyond installing a reliable furnace or air conditioner and making sure that people feel comfortable in their home or office.
Owner Mark Angellotti believes that the Expert experience is defined by leading a team of employees that go the extra mile for customers. It also involves building relationships with customers that get to know the owner after running into him at a local Rotary event. And it is strengthened by connecting with patrons that attend performances at the Trenton Village Theatre and flip through the program to see the company routinely listed as a sponsor.

“It’s hard work all day, every day.”
Angellotti became familiar with Expert Heating & Cooling as an employee of heating and air conditioning supplier Carrier. Founded in 1975 by George Burns and Bob Maharas, Expert Heating & Cooling was a Carrier dealer and one of Angellotti’’s customers. After Burns retired and Maharas decided to sell the business a few years later, Angellotti saw an opportunity to utilize the sales and management training he picked up at Carrier to grow the Expert brand.
Since purchasing the business in 1998, Angellotti says Expert has increased from six employees to 57 and should top 60 by the end of the year. The company also has expanded its installation and service efforts to include more commercial clients and extended its reach farther across Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties.
According to Angellotti, the secret to the company’s continued growth and success is pretty simple: working hard and following through on promises to customers. “It’s amazing to think that the business acumen I have is simply to work hard and do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it,” he says. “And we’ve been able to attain the success we’ve had with that.”

“It’s like an extension of my family.”
Aside from his passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, Angellotti notes that one of the things he’s most proud of as the owner of Expert Heating & Cooling is being able to help employees grow and develop their skills.
“I have a mantra: ‘Don’t grade yourself on a relative scale, grade yourself on an absolute scale.’ It’s not about how good we are in relation to our competitors, it’s how good we are in relation to how good we can be,” Angellotti says. “It’s fun to see the light bulb come on and see people work on different levels than they did before.”
Angellotti realizes that the efforts of his employees are what will help Expert Heating & Cooling continue to grow, but he also enjoys the camaraderie and relationships he’s developed with them over the years. Two Expert employees have worked with him since he bought the company 18 years ago, and several others have been with him for more than 10 years. “When my employees attain a goal or their children do, whether it’s a high school graduation, making a varsity team, or graduating from college, I like to rejoice in it too,” Angellotti says. “It might sound cliché, but I am proud whenever I hear about or see one of my colleagues or their kids reach a milestone.”

“You get back more than you donate.”
As someone who was born and raised in Allen Park, Angellotti has an insider’s perspective on the needs and values of the Downriver community and likes to give back wherever he can. He is heavily involved in the Trenton Rotary Club and has taken a special interest in the Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center (DYPAC). As the group was seeking to modernize the Trenton Village Theatre, Angellotti provided Expert’s time and resources to help update the building’s HVAC systems. He also continues to support and sponsor DYPAC programs.
“The Downriver area is blessed to have this program,” Angellotti says of DYPAC. “A lot of cities have great sports or other youth programs, but I’m not familiar with too many communities that have something comparable to DYPAC.”
Angellotti is quick to credit his employees for supporting him and allowing him to give back to the Downriver organizations, as they not only manage day-to-day business operations, but find new opportunities to help needy families, support veterans, or get involved in their own communities. “Any business owner in this day and age probably gets a lot of requests to support T-ball teams or high school football teams, so we try to spread it out,” he says. “It all comes full circle, and you really get back more than you give.”

“Any given door could be a friend or acquaintance.”
As a lifelong Downriver resident, Angellotti assuredly has a few old friends in the community. And as someone who has been involved with the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation, Grosse Ile Country Club, and Trenton Rotary events like the Roar on the River, he’s always in the position to make new friends. Those connections are part of what helps to drive Expert Heating & Cooling’s commitment to its customers and the Downriver community as a whole.
“Our technicians realize that any door they knock on could be a friend, relative, or colleague of mine,” Angellotti says. “I believe that energy or positivity helps our employees deliver the ‘experience’ and not just the repair.”