David Patz | 10 Pins of Trenton and Classics Tavern

Sometimes standing outside an area provides more detail and a different perspective than standing in its midst.

David Patz, owner 10 Pins of Trenton and Classics Tavern and president of the Trenton Business Association, is an Ohio resident living just over the Michigan/Ohio border. Despite his non-state residency, he gets excited about what he sees as “great things happening for the Downriver/Trenton community.”

That’s why he opened his business three years ago with grand plans to create an entertainment center where families can have fun and locals can congregate. And it’s why he became involved in the Trenton Business Association (TBA). As the current president, he oversees all elements of the organization and enlists the participation of other TBA members to accomplish goals and objectives for the betterment of the business community.

“Trenton – and Downriver – is a great place to be. It is rebounding, drawing more and more businesses to the area,” Patz explains. “It’s an active group, with events that get us into the community and provide outstanding opportunities for networking. This community and its people are fun, friendly, and engaging.”

The Trenton Business Association, Patz says, is dedicated to promoting the members of the TBA and the Trenton community through sponsorships of community programs, development of business relationships, implementation of networking meetings, and use of appropriate media communication.

Patz’s business, 10 Pins of Trenton, is the former Parkway Lanes bowling alley. After purchasing the alley in 2013, he overhauled it into a new bowling center complete with a restaurant, high-end billiards room, and bowling alley with 32 lanes. Attached to the bowling center, Classics Tavern serves as a restaurant with a wide-range menu and a comfortable patio bar. The patio features both screened-in seating for diners and an outdoor area with a 14-foot tall stone fireplace.

Patz, who has been in the bowling business most of his life, says he wants Classics Tavern and 10 Pins of Trenton to be a local community spot. “I have a vision for a fun, high quality, centrally located place that people want to hang out, have something delicious to eat, and just enjoy their down time,” he explains.

In addition to bowling and great food, the venue has prepared a lineup of live bands set to play on rotating nights in the patio area, weather permitting. Classics Tavern also offers karaoke on Fridays, another contribution to Patz’s vision of positive progress. “This is a thriving area,” he says, “and I am glad to be a part of it.”

To learn more about how the venue is bringing Patz’s vision to life, visit classicstavern.com