Grosse Ile ‘design and build’ contractor is turning heads

Bruce Boardman has always been a handyman, but he took his skills to a new level when he decided to build his own home on Grosse Ile in 1989 at the age of 32. He expected his children to help with the little stuff, like handing him nails or sweeping up sawdust, but he never anticipated that the project would inspire them to develop their own love for building and remodeling.

Boardman Construction, which is now co-owned by Lee, Bruce’s son, was founded in 2001. Together with sister Sara Mello, who works as a liaison for clients, and younger brother Grant Boardman, the company has grown in popularity and became a full-time operation in 2007.

We grew up in construction. It’s just a part of who we are. It’s pretty obvious that we all love what we do,” Grant Boardman explains.

The family has demonstrated how a small business can deliver high-quality construction services at a cost-effective price to exceed the needs of the homeowners. It treats each project and client as the single most important relationship it has.

“We genuinely enjoy the process,” Lee Boardman says. “It’s really about the people and families you get to work with. It’s most rewarding when you go back a few months later and really get to see what you’ve done.”

According to Lee Boardman, the business is a very personal one. He spends time with each client in order to formulate an accurate vision for their dream home.

Boardman Construction prides itself on “building outside the box” and provides a variety of services, but it specializes in residential construction. The company’s portfolio includes a number of elegant homes riddled with personalized details and tailored features. It emphasizes a combination of visual appeal, functionality, and efficiency in its designs.

As a family affair, the team at Boardman Construction has a strong bond, one that shows through in the company’s work.

“We’re a [true] family business,” Mello says.

“Let’s put it this way – even after a long week, we get together for Sunday dinner,” Lee Boardman adds. “We enjoy working with each other. It’s rewarding to work with people who you know you share the same values and goals.”

The Boardman family resides on Grosse Ile, and Mello describes herself and her brothers as “definitely Downriver born and raised.” She is particularly proud of what she describes as the community’s good work ethic.

“We’ve all moved out and came back again,” Mello says. “It’s got a small town feel. As far as raising a family and being around the family, it’s great.”

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